Public areas
Public areas




Inform offers Auriga as an IP Audio annunciation/alert system, Auriga enables custom responses to circumstances and events ranging from routine operational instructions and wide area communications through to high level threats and threatening events.


Infinitely customisable, Auriga’s flexibility makes it ideally suitable to a vast range of applications.


With heightened terror alerts the demand  for protecting crowded places from terrorism has never been higher. The Auriga system is the perfect application to provide clear, concise, event specific emergency communication, allowing you the ability to communicate what to do in response to a terrorism situation. With site, zone and individual device control you are able to direct your emergency event instructions directly where required, ensuring people are kept out of harms way and given the appropriate instruction. The Auriga system be used in all emergency situations were communication is required from natural disasters to lone wolf attacks, ensuring people can efficiently and safely be directed away from danger.    

Auriga’s Server/Client based software architecture allows for multiple control stations to be used concurrently with centralised backup and user administration. The use of “common off the shelf” hardware enables Auriga to fit into your organisation's existing enterprise hardware platform and guarantees a smooth upgrade path for future needs. Auriga is capable of scaling to thousands of intelligent edge nodes and has a fully enabled security model to encrypt, authenticate and log all communications.

Public Areas

Auriga is able to deliver important alerts and notifications to public areas, from beaches and parks to shopping malls and precincts. Alerting the public to upcoming special events or life threatening situations such as a terror incident, a tsunami, bush fire or social unrest.


Universities and College Campuses

Auriga provides the ability to deliver audio and visual messages across multiple campuses or to specific zones allowing an easy, user friendly way to keep the faculty and students aware of general notifications and life threatening incidents.


Entertainment Venues

Auriga is able to broadcast emergency alerts and important notifications across venues, with the ability to zone areas such as front of house and back of house, ensuring the right people hear the message.   Auriga also has the optional facility of being able to stream performances live across the networked system.


Sports Arenas

Auriga provides site, zonal and individual speaker control ensuring that messages are clearly heard in the right areas. The directional sonic wave technology compensates for differing ambient temperatures and distance between speakers. This new technology ensures the sound is highly intelligible, clear and crisp.



The Dynatá plane wave speakers are the ideal companion to the Auriga system and with their directional sound are ideally suited for mass transit systems such as railway system, bus depots, ferries and cruise liners.


Critical Infrastructure

Auriga’s wide area network connectivity allows communication over large areas, meaning no matter how spread out the infrastructure we have a solution to suit your requirements and with increased threats to our critical infrastructure emergency notification is more important than ever before.


Mining and Industrial

Auriga operates perfectly over wireless IP, ideal for implementing “deployable” zones and areas. With employers facing ever increasing responsibility for their employee’s safety being able to easily alert them and notify them of what action to take in an emergency situation is now a critical issue.

Aurgia is able to integrate to range of integral audio alert devices ensuring alert intelligibility in even the harshest, nosiest industrial environments.


Defence & Law

IC Technologies has state of the art software, amplifiers and edge devices installed in Australian defence sites across the nation. The server/client based software and the flexibility to work with common off the shelf hardware has made it an ideal choice in this sector.