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The very latest in emergency notification and alert response systems.  


Adopting a revolutionary approach to provide you with a flexible, scalable IP alert solution, Auriga is more than just an IP audio annunciation system.


Intelligent wide area notification - Auriga

Auriga enables a uniquely tailored response to any event or required action by integrating a host of alert inputs with both audio and/or visual alert notification for the ultimate in situational awareness and response.


  •  An IP based annunciation & alert system, it provides the ability to clearly and concisely notify some or all occupants of a facility for a wide range of purposes or incidents. 

  • Auriga delivers life affecting messages to individuals or groups during critical events and situations. 

  • Auriga's intelligent edge device architecture enable a wide range of alert message formats including audible and visual messages

  • Auriga is a scalable system expandable to an infinite number of speakers or signal points. 


Auriga v VOIP

Auriga can do all that VOIP (Voice over IP) can do. 


  • Pre-recorded messages are stored at the edge device minimising network delays or message corruption due to bandwidth issues or other network interference

  • Messages can be accurately synchronised via clock at the edge

  • Advanced synchronisation via Auriga’s unique SonicWave™ technology compensates for differing ambient temperature and distance between speakers

  • Messages can be optimised for multiple speaker types, simultaneously

  • Auriga can also stream fully live audio messages as and when necessary

  • Messages are ensured to be consistent, synchronised and intelligible


Auriga additional features 

  • Auriga offers an affordable solution for protecting crowded places from terrorsim

  • Auriga client user interface - Centralised, map driven, site wide management software

  • Auriga operates perfectly over wireless IP for implementing “deployable” zones and areas

  • Audio volume and message selection is adjustable by threat or event level as is visual alert

  • Optional two way ‘Help Point’ capability

  • Peer to peer design allows initiation of an alert from any control device to the network irrespective of the condition of any other device in the system

  • A wide range of alert options – Auriga provides different tones, voice messages and alerts for a variety of incidents and has the ability to deliver high quality speech

  • Auriga enables the enhancement of the annunciation system by providing the ability to add visual alert devices such public display monitors and other “visual” instruction and warning devices