Titan F350
Titan F350



Titan F350
Titan F350


Edge Devices

Titan - Intelligent Edge Device


The Titan Series are rugged, small form IP Network Edge Devices enabling wide area network connectivity with an almost limitless range of alert, communication and display devices.  


With industrial-grade, die-cast aluminium with no venting holes. The body itself is used for heat dissipation.

The Titan range is ideally suited to industrial and mobile applications so as mass notification systems. 



* Connection of digital and analogue alert and communication devices over IP-networks

* Interface options for Public Address, EWIS, Public Display, IP Control and others

* DVI with Graphics Acceleration & High Definition Audio 

* Low-power, Fanless operation 

* Miniature size

* Industrial grade build & Aesthetic appearance  

* Industrial Temperature Range Version up to -40ºc to 70ºc (Standard 0ºc to 70ºc) 



Compact Size: 

The most striking feature of the Titan range is its size, starting from – 10.8cm x 8.3cm x 2.4cm


Fanless Operation: 

Titan range is totally fanless - the all-aluminium case dissipates heat. This has two advantages –

• Titan range is noiseless, or absolutely silent if SSD Version is used. 

• Increased reliability due to no moving parts.


Eco friendly:

Titan range excels in extremely low power consumption from - 4.5W in normal or up to 24W under load depending on model. The Titan range has no hazardous substances and weight starting from 250g they is so small that electronic waste is negligible.


Best in class performance:

• MTBF > 100,000 Hours: Designed for mission critical applications