Aries - 230 Series Amplifier


Inform provide a state of the art amplifier, the Aries 230 Series Amplifier.


Aries 230 is an integrated solution that comprises 2 Class-D audio channels plus a powerful switching power supply that can operate from AC mains (100-120VAC or 200-240 VAC).


Intelligent amplifiers - Aries 230 series


Extremely easy to use, Aries requires only mains input, speaker connections and input signal, greatly reducing wiring complexity, configuration errors and integration costs. The Aries range of amplifiers are ideal for use with mass notification systems and emergency warning systems. 


Each channel produces up to 300W r.m.s. (4 Ω) full-range power (i.e. – covering the whole audio audible frequency range).


  • High-end performance: 2 x 300W @ 4 Ohm, 2 x 150W @ 8 Ohm, defined for <0.5% THD+N

  • Optional bridged unit provides up to 600W @ 4 Ohm or 300W @ 8 Ohm

  • Extremely high efficiency and low idle power: >90% efficiency at full power. Only 12W ON but no-signal (idle) losses and 6W in hibernate mode

  • Clipping detector with LED output and PROTECT signalling output

  • Small size, low weight and easy cooling

  • 100v Line Version also available

  • Integrates with Auriga client for automated monitoring & control

  • Fully tested and certified for emissions (CE, CTICK)



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Aries Amplifiers