Our decades of experience, coupled with our core strengths of software engineering and hardware, network and database design has resulted in a powerful product suite for public address, event response, mass notification and general alert.

Our solutions are easily tailored for the simplest or the mostsophisticated of today’smission critical applications and, utilising the freedom of IT, offer greater benefits in operation, lower cost of acquisition and easier more rapid deployment. 

Our highly experienced team are skilled in multiple operating platforms includingWindows and UNIX / Linux and have extensive experience with SQL and Oracle databases.

The programming languages we use include Assembler, C / C++, C# / .NET, VB, Multimedia Director Lingo, Perl scripts and embedded programming (Dynamic C,HIM).

In 2020 we became the sole Australian and New Zealand reseller of the Genasys (formerly LRAD Corp.)  range of LRAD - Long Range Acoustic Devices. 



Inform operates in diverse fields and our environmental objective applies throughout the organisation. Our commitment is to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and to consider the sustainable use of natural resources. We incorporate solutions which are environmentally friendly, specifically derived to reduce pollution, waste and our use of natural resources.

Inform is committed to achieving and maintaining industry wide recognition for best practice systems of operation. Our committed pursuit for improvements to quality,efficiency and client satisfaction ensures we remain focused on the detail that matters. We believe the key to ongoing success of the company lies with the achievement of high levels of customer satisfaction.


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